Dubai King Al Maktoum

The king of Dubai is Sheikh Mohammed Bin Al Maktoum. He is a member of Dubai’s Royal Family Al Maktoum or generally known as House of Maktoum .

Dubai King

He  was born in 15th July 1949  &  currently he is the  Vice President & Prime Minister of UAE & he is also the ruler of Dubai.

Dubai King History : He is the founder of UAE Federal Government Strategy which was brought to action way back in the year of 2007.

He go appointed as the Vice President of UAE in the year of 2006(5th January) &  after few days he also got appointed as the Prime Minister of UAE (11th Feb).

He became the ruler of Dubai in the year of 2006(4th Jan), after that day he also became the vice president of UAE. (History of Dubai King)

Royal Family of Dubai

The Royal Family of Dubai is Known as Al Maktoum family or House of Maktoum. The leader of this family is the current ruler of Dubai & his name is  Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum & he is the one & only supreme leader of UAE & Dubai.

Dubai King Al Maktoum

Rich Family of Dubai: Although everyone of Dubai & UAE loves this  family but outside of UAE many of us are not aware of this family. They are extremely rich & they live a luxurious life indeed.

UAE(Dubai) is so rich now & it’s just because of the uncountable contribution of this Royal Family. UAE is so much popular for it’s crazy tech & other mind-blowing stuffs.

UAE is specially famous for it’s Theme park Industry & Oil Refinery Industry & the technology variation is remarkable.(Al Maktoum Family)

Achievements Of Dubai

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. It’s ruling all the skyscrapers of the world with it’s huge height & tremendous world-class facilities. It’s about 828 meters long & it has more than 160 stories. It holds some world records.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa Records:  

  • It’s the  tallest building in the world,
  • Tallest free standing structure in the world.
  • It has highest number of stories or floors in the world.
  • It has highest outdoor observation deck in the world.
  • It has a elevator with the longest travel distance in the world.

Air Conditioned City Of UAE

UAE has planned for the largest  air cooled city in the world which covers nearly 4.5 million of peoples in the city and the city covers nearly 1100 acres of area.

This model city also holds the largest shopping mall in the world with an estimated area of 8,000,000 ft, this mall will assemble 100 hotels & apartment buildings.

Air Conditioned City of UAE

First Air Conditioned City: The plan is under construction & it’s expected that it will cost a huge amount of money  & it will need a long time.

Once the project is completed, it Will welcome 180M visitors per year & this will generate a huge amount of revenue every year. This city  is a dream project & when it will be completed it will set a benchmark for near future of Technology. We hope Dubai will bring more exciting & cool stuff in near future also  & it will keep suprising us.

Global Village Dubai

This village is located near a famous street of Dubai called  Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road . It claims that it combines more than 90 country’s unique culture & tradition of the world & it’s the world’s largest tourism place.

It’s one of the biggest leisure, shopping & entertainment projects ever done by any county. Every year an estimated amount of 5 million visitors  used to come here & it’s area is 17,200,000 sq ft.

Global Village Dubai

Uniqueness of Global Village: If you will visit here , you will have to pay 15 AED to the authority. This project first came into existence in the year of 1996 & at first it was in the form of some kiosks.

This village  generates a great revenue of 75,000,000 AED  every year & that’s   2,04,19,219.50$ & that’s freaking crazy isn’t it?

Dubai Miracle Garden

The Miracle Garden of Dubai is actually a beautiful flower garden situated in the Dubai land District of Dubai,UAE.

It was first launched on a holly day. The launch date was 14th February ,2013 , the day of Valentine.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Flower Garden of Dubai: This garden has more then 72,000 sq mt of area & this makes it the largest flower garden of the World. It was awarded with the mighty Moselle Award  in the year of 2015 for New Garden Experiences in the world.

The project was first  formed under an agreement between Dubailand & Dubai Properties Group Destination. The estimated cost of the project was 11million $ .

Emirates Airline

Emirates Airline is a famous airline company owned by Government of Dubai. This company has a parent company which is known as Emirates Group which is also owned by Government of Dubai.


Flag carrier of UAE: This airline gives world-class facilities with luxurious flying experience that a person can expect.

It’s the largest airline authority in the whole Middle East region & it  operates about 3,600 flights every week.

It serves airlines facilities to more than 150 cities of 80 counties  across 6 continents worldwide. It has huge amount of about 300+ aircrafts flying all over the world every day & this business generate a huge amount of revenue for the government.

Burj Al Arab

The name Burj Al Arab means the Tower of the Arabs. It’s a well known & luxurious hotel  of  UAE which is located on a man made island  near Jumeirah Beach. The length of the beach is 280m.

The height of the hotel is 321m. The hotel was inaugurated in the year of 1999 & the  design of the hotel seems more of like a ship’s sail. It’s world’s one & only existing 7 star hotel.

Burj Al Arab

7 Star Hotel of Dubai: It has a lot of attraction like as a 18m tall atrium, a fleet of white Rolls Royce cars, beautiful & enchanting dancing fountains, & gold leafs everywhere.

The design and architecture of the building is made by Tom Wright of WKK Architects. It’s so beautiful that you can compare it with Sydney’s Opera House. The hotel dominates all the other hotels of UAE with it’s enchanting beauty & glamour.

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