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Often the programmers are looking for something extra & something that will turn on their attention quickly.

Whenever a person intends to learn the art of python programming , that person will try to find out some similarities & differences between python & the other language that person has learnt, it’s because it will help them to relate the content & it will help them to learn python more quickly.

Best Python Book:This book is specially designed keeping in mind that it’s extremely important to catch the attention of buyers & they have tried to elaborate every possible topic in  easiest way.

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This book covers the fundamental of using modules with the use of advance object orientation, some salient features like data type, control flow instruction, console ip/op etc.(Best 5 python Books)

About The Author

The author Yashvant Kanetkar is a great & simple writer indeed. He is really famous because of his lectures on  C, C++, Java, Python, Data Structure, .NET , IoT etc.

His own Written books & videos has made a great impact in providing top notch quality content & magnificent  use of knowledge has given him respect & admiration.

His books are famous worldwide among enormous amount of students & professors. His books are available in Hindi, Gujrati, Japanese, Korean & Chinese & this is the main  speciality about him.(Writer of Let us Python)

Many of his own written books are available in USA, Japan, Singapore, Korea & China.

Content Table

Number of Pages 256
Author Yashvant Kanetkar
Price 211₹
ISBN-10 9388511565
ISBN-13 978-8388511565
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Head First Python

Have you ever felt like python is the most toughest language? Or it’s to difficult to understand? Don’t worry. It’s because of some wrong reference you have taken.

This book enables you to learn & implement python language on your own. It is basically made with a agenda to teach a lame man about programming.

Even if you don’t know anything about programming , this book is surely help you to learn this programming language easily.  

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Top Python Books: With the help of this book you will surely & quickly learn the python language fundamentals, and then you can go to more deep case studies & all.

You will be able to learn SQL, Web Development, Data wrangling , exception handling, Google app engine etc. You will also learn to develop android as well as iOS apps very easily.

About The Author

 The author Paul Barry is really talented & a humble human indeed. In his career he has achieved many things & his findings are also remarkable.

He holds a Master Degree in Computer Science. For long 25 years he is doing programming & that shows his skill level & experience.

He has written two text Books & he is also a writer in a famous magazine Linus Journal . He is a regular professor of IT in Carlow in Ireland.

He is a great explorer and has contributed many things in the modern world of technology. ( Head First Python Author)

Content Table

Number of Pages 624
Author Paul Barry
Price ₹1800/
ISBN-10 1449382673
ISBN-13 978-1449382673

Think Python

If you are really interested in programming & want to learn the basics as well as deep knowledge, then python is the best & easiest language available.

Everyone says python is a tough one but it’s proven by some theories that it’s absolutely the easiest language to learn in programming & this book makes it even easier to learn python in no time.

Top 5 books for Python: In this book you will learn the basics first & afterwards you can move onto different functions, recursion, data structures & many more things.

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The chapters are really easy & elaborated simply so that everyone can understand. This book enables the use of self learning & self implementation of the programs.

This book is  highly recommended for beginners  as well as pro learners.

About Author

Allen Downey  is a  great writer & science explorer as well. His contribution to technology world is remarkable & really awesome.

Allen Downey is working as an associate professor of Computer science branch at the  Olin College of Engineering.

In past he was also a part of Wellesley College, Colby College & also U.C Berkeley as a professor.

He has a Ph.D in computer science from U.C.Berkely & has completed his Bachelor’s from MIT. His contribution to the IT society is enormous & he has given immense amount of information & valuable  knowledge to everyone. (Think Python Author)

Content Table

Number of Pages 300
Author Allen Downey
Price 2000₹
ISBN-10 144933072X
ISBN-13 978-1448330712X

Learn Python 3 The Hard Way

Professor Zed Shaw has contributed a lot for modern programming technology & has perfected the programming world for learning python 3 in the best & easiest way possible.

In this book you will learn the basic as well as core information of python 3 in 52 brilliantly prepared exercises with demo solved problems with elaboration. So what else you need more?

Best Book to Learn Python 3 : As you will move forward you will learn how to write a good program ,  what’s inside a computer operation.

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Coding will become an integral part of your life & you will eventually learn how to read, write & how to thin about programming.

If you are a fresher & you no nothing about programming then don’t worry, because this book is Specially designed for you.

About The Author

Zed A. Shaw is a popular writer & explorer. Some of his great books are Learn Python The Hard Way, Learn Ruby The Hard Way, & last but not the least Learn C the hard way. He is also a software creator which are really helpful for everyone learning programming & these softwares are also having an open source data base . He is an experienced writer & programmer because he is programming for near about 20 years. He spents most of his time in study of painting & art .

Content Table

Number of Pages 320
Author Zed A. Shaw
Price 653
ISBN-10 0134692888
ISBN-13 978-0134692888

Core Python Programming

In present condition Java is the most used language in programming & python is the second most favourite one. Java is famous because almost every project is built with the  help of Java.

But in near future it will happen that Python will surely occupy the position of Java. This book is solely made to teach beginners as well as intermittent stage learners.

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Best Python Programming Book: This book has a total of 50 chapters which includes demo solved problems & also has references. It’s an Indian book so it’s better to purchase this one to promote our Indian stuff over foreign stuffs.

About The Author

Dr. R. Nageswara Rao is the author of this books. He has also other book named, Core Java- An Integrated Approach  & Core C & these two books are also famous indeed. This book  will surely help you to learn many hidden things & that’s because of the author.

Content Table

Number of Pages 580
Author Dr. R. Nageswara Rao
Price 699₹
ISBN-10 938605230X
ISBN-13 978-938605230X

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