MITRON…..Yeah Wo Nahi Hai Jo Ap Samajh Rahe Ho

Mitron is a short video- making application available in Playstore & it’s quite similar to it’s strongest rival  TikTok.

This application is available for Android & not yet for iOS devices & it let’s you make short humorous videos or talent showcasing videos which will have a duration of 15 seconds.

Mitron App details.

As per the details given on Google Play Store  the authority claims  that the  application is purely Indian & developed by a student of  IIT Roorkee  & his Name is  Shivank Agarwal,  but studies shows that the original coding is done by a Pakistani Organisation.

Mitron app information

This application has gained rapid popularity among everyone in INDIA  as everyone is uninstalling China applications & installing INDIAN  application.

As per the  data collected from Google Play Store, it’s visible that it has gained a download amount of 5000+  & it’s increasing day by day.

As TikTok’s popularity became low & a lot of INDIANS  uninstalled this application, Mitron application became famous & popular among all.

So let’s find out all the  information about this application & we will also analyse all the myths that’s arising around us about this app.

What’s the Origin of Mitron App?

Mitron application was built by an IIT Roorkee Student named Shivank Agarwal  & it was released in Playstore a month ago & overnight it gained a huge amount of downloads that’s 500000+ in numbers & that’s really huge & legitimate.

Mitron App Source

After the uploading proces was finished, it gained a lot of popularity & love from INDIA  & after that TikTok was really feeling insecure & to defame this application called Mitron , Chinese App TikTok developers planned for a  dirty step & the became Successful also.

We will discuss all the hidden secrets one by one & we will try to  burst all the myths about this application & we will also give a precise review about this application & we will recommend wheather to download it or not.

Mitron App Specification

Type Android App
App Size 8.5MB
Playstore Rating 4.3 out of 5
Developer Shivank Agarwal
Downloads 5K+
Origin INDIA

How To Download Mitron?

This application is not  available in  all the app downloading platforms, it’s  available in Play Store & the size of the application is only 8.5MB & it’s really light as a video presentation platform indeed.

No need to create any account z you can directly see whatever Content is there in the  platform & you can enjoy it.( Mitron App Specifications)

Just type the name ‘Mitron’  in Playstore & you will be able to see the application below one or two other applications & you can download it easily from there.

If your Android device is below Firmware version 5 then this application won’t support in your Android Device.

Who is the Developer of Mitron App?

This application is purely INDIAN & don’t report it or don’t uninstall it just because you heard some myths about it.

This application was developed & released in Playstore by an Indian developer who is a student of IIT ROORKEE & his name is Shivank Agarwal.

Mitron App Developer Information

This boy has worked hard & developed this application to replace & to give a tough competition to TikTok & may be it has become successful indeed as the downloads raised to 50L after the release.

So it’s really a good step towards the betterment of our County & we appreciate Shivank Agarwal’s  initiative for vocal to local & we hope we will be able to encourage all the Indian app & website developers to do something like this for our country.

TikTok vs Mitron

Mitron VS TikTok

This application is released to the Playstore & since then release it’s giving a Tough competition to TikTok & we can see that the downloads are also raising in amount & surely if we keep supporting Mitron, we will be able to promote our Indian stuff over any Chinese stuff. So let’s see a quick comparison between these two applications according to Playstore data.

Criteria TikTok Mitron
App Size 67MB 8.5MB
Downloads 1B+ 50L+
Author County China India
Rating 4.4 out of 5 4.3 out of 5

Is Mitron App Indian?

Yes this application is purely Indina as mentioned above & it’s programmed & developed by an Indian IIT Roorkee Student Shivank Agarwal & let’s finish all the myths about it.

So when it was released on Google Play Store  it was getting popular by time so a group of hackers  of TikTok downloaded the application from Play Store & they de-compiled the source code of the application & they made some changes in the application regarding coding & other stuff.

Mitron App Developer Country

It’s clear that  they intentionally uploaded this application in a Pakistani Website just to grab the attention of Indian media & they knew if they would have uploaded this application in any other country’s website  it wouldn’t have gathered the attention of Indians so in order to defame the Mitron app as it was TikTok’s one of the biggest rivals ,TikTok played a dirty  game & created a myth that it’s a Pakistani Application.

Is Mitron App Safe To Download?

Yes it’s absolutely safe to download this application & there are no security  issues regarding this application &  show some love for INDIAN stuffs & Support Modi Ji’s Vocal for Local  movement , & don’t believe in any myth, research from yourself &  and then you will be able to understand the  real fact about it. So please first research & then Believe. You can safely download this application from Google Play Store & you can Start enjoying it’s fun.

Tell Us Your Opinion

Your opinion is also important & you should also say what you think about this application, & you should also tell us what improvements we can do  & we will work accordingly. Comment down below & tell us about your opinion about this new rival of TikTok that’s Mitron app & keep supporting & keep sharing our content. Thank You.

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