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In today’s life today’s oral  health is crucial in everything from our ability to speak to the ability to eat but oral health issues are very common the Centers for Disease Control say that by age 34 more than 80% of us have at least one cavity.

So today we’ve got some tips to keep our mouths healthy first make sure you’re brushing your teeth long enough.

The American Dental Association says we need to brush our teeth twice a day for at least in two minutes and if that’s too hard to judge how long two minutes is well set a timer or brush along to your favorite song next swap out the sugary beverages for water sugar can break down the enamel on our teeth and lead to tooth decay and other problems plus by drinking water you’re getting the added bonus staying hydrated


If you smoke you got to quit aside from all the other health problems that smoking can cause you can also stain your teeth and it can increase your risk of gum disease and it also affects the way you taste and smell your food with these three tips you’ll be on the path to better oral health.

Oral Health

Oral Health Benefits

Oral health is defined as the retention throughout life of functional aesthetic and natural dentition. Oral hygiene includes all the processes for keeping mouth clean and healthy.

Health information is one of the most frequently searched topics on Google, and Google search is a broad swath of content, and it’s all unfiltered.


So sometimes you’ll have access to peer-reviewed data, and often you’ll get information to data that lacks documentation. So what do we do about this? How do we sift through fact from myth?

Doctor’s suggestion about oral health

Dr. Brittany Seymour, Assistant Professor of Oral Health Policy and Epidemiology at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

She was an inaugural Global Health Institute Fellow, a Harvard Medical School Fellow in Medical Education, and is a Faculty Associate at the Harvard Berkman Klein Center for Internet & amp Society.

Dr. Alessandro Villais, an instructor in Oral Medicine at Harvard School of Dental Medicine. He is also an Associate Surgeon in the division of Oral Medicine and Dentistry at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

He holds a Master’s of Public Health and a Certificate in Oral Medicine from Harvard School of Dental Medicine and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

How to maintain teeth Health?

By maintaining good oral hygiene we can prevent

  • caries 
  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontitis
  • Halitosis

Basic steps for maintaining oral hygiene

  • Brushing your teeth
  • Floss your teeth regularly
  • Proper diet
  • Other interdental cleaning
  • Rinsing
  • Regular dental check-ups.


  • Always use a soft bristled tooth brush.
  • Use ant cavity fluoride toothpaste.
  • Brush gums and tongue along with teeth.
  • After brushing you can also use mouth washes it can prevent bad breath that is called halitosis.

Regular dental check-ups

  • Good oral hygiene should be a joined effort between you and your dentist; if you visit your dentist regularly it prevents many oral problems.
  • It is an essential part of dental hygiene routine for young and old alike.

These are the basic process for maintaining oral hygiene.

White Teeth

What is Oral Health Therapy?

Oral Health Therapy which is quite unique to other states. Which is a Therapy from Curtin?  It’s very good name, very good reputation and very competitive course so I knew it would prepare me for the real world. I really like working in the simulated clinic.

They’re very lifelike. It’s pretty much like a real life clinic. You’re getting hands-on work with, like, real patients, real appointment times.

So we’ve got 20 chairs in this clinic, which means there’s lots of space for everyone.

How to do oral health therapy?

Thee practical component starts basically in just about week one. They’d start on simulation models and practice techniques on little bits of plastic etc and then they move on to doing some exercises on each other, to then moving onto patients.

Playing the patient definitely gives you a bit more empathy.

You know exactly what they’re going through, what they’re feeling. When we get to be the patient. (Best Oral Health Article)

We get to give feedback to our friends so it makes it easier for them to treat patients. They know what they’re doing wrong and what they’re doing right.

They make us ready for the real challenge which is to see the patients and help make an impact.

Why is oral health important?

You’ve got experts in their field ready to train you,  you’ve got the best facilities you can get and a lot of time to practice before you have to go into the real world.

It’s a very long-standing, very well established course. It has very sound industry connections as well and very well supported by the local dental fraternity.

One of the added bonuses of this course is being able to get out into the country and practice what we’re taught and see how things work in the real world.

Whiten Your Teeth

You’ll be seeing a lot of different patient, different symptoms and you need that experience while you’re in this course.

We do try to expose them to patient clinics fairly soon.

Tips to improve oral health

They get to experience what it is I’m studying for and where I’m actually going to go, so they really, very, very early, they get that hands-on experience. If you want to study Oral Health Therapy, Curtin is a great place to start.

The course structure, along with the facilities makes it an obvious choice. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life and I’ve never looked back.

Definitely recommend Oral Health Therapy at Curtin because it’s a very competitive course. It’s got very good job prospects and it’s a very rewarding course.

If someone was thinking about studying Oral Health Therapy at Curtin, I’d say go for it. It’s the most fun you’re ever going to have.

What are the Causes of Cavities and Tooth Decay?

There are so many reasons to form cavity, starting from loss in tooth minerals to eating sugary, sticky foods and beverages.

The more you consume sugar it weaken the tooth decay. Each time you eat sugar or sugary product it damages your teeth’s from acid in next 20 minutes.

What are the main reasons of  teeth damaged?

  • Poor Oral Health – Not brushing your teeth’s allowed to build plaque and affect your tooth enamel.
  • Plaque Formation – In presence of sugary items, It forms a acid in your mouth which helps plaque to form their presence
  • Dry Mouth – Saliva helps wash plaque from teeth. If you have a dry mouth or very little saliva than plaque or tooth bacteria may form in your teeth.
  • Eating & Drinking – Eating to much sugary foods and drink so much of unhealthy drinks, it might affect your oral health.
  • Medical Problem – If you have some medical problems in your tooth than you should take care of your oral hygiene more.
  • Plaque Bacteria And Acids – These are the worse condition. When these bacteria digest the carbohydrates that linger on your teeth and in your mouth, acid forms. 
How to Prevent Tooth Decay and Cavities?

There are so many ways you can build your oral health –

Brushing, Washing your mouth more often, Mouth wash, Toothpaste, Dental floss, Think what you eat, Limit your intake from sugar items, Make regular dental visits.

In the end I can just say eat healthy, stay healthy. Brush your teeth regularly to maintain a good and healthy oral system.

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