Health Factors Of Vegetables

The term vegetable is applied to the edible herbaceous plant or plant parts thereof, which are consumed generally in the unripe stage after cooking. Vegetables are extremely important for our body growth & immunity build up process.

According to a research consuming vegetables on daily basis can increase your immunity by 40% & can also help you to live a longer life indeed. Vegetables have nearly zero side effects & infinite number of health benefits.

If you are not eating vegetables regularly yet, then you should start eating from today. I can guarantee you that it will surely help you to build a good immunity system.

Importance Of Vegetables

Positive Impact Of Vegetables In Human Nutrition

  • The balanced diet contain adequate energy source, nutrients and vitamins,minerals, carbohydrates, fats, protein etc.
  • Vegetable are the reliable source for many dietary factors. As vegetable contain many of the dietary factors like vitamins, minerals and many more.
  •  They are considered as protective supplementary food .They produce taste, increase appetite and produce fair amount of fibers. They maintain good health and protect against degenerative diseases.
  • They can neutralize the acids produced during digestion of proteins and fats.
  • Nutrients which are present in vegetables vary from crop to crop. Peas and beans are enriched with proteins .
  • Root crops like Tapioca, Sweet potato and potato are well known for carbohydrates , calcium K, Fe are the important minerals which are lacking incereals and these are available in abundant quantities in the vegetables like peas, beans, spinach and bhindi.
  • Amaranth, cabbage, beans contain large quantity of cellulose which aid indigestion.
  • All the leaf and fruit vegetables possess the required quantities of vitamins.

Important Dietary Factors With Source Vegetables

  • Calories: Sweet potato, tapioca, yam, colacasia corms, potato, Brussels  Sprouts, onion and garlic, immature seeds of broad bean and peas Phaseolus lunatus (Lima bean), Pussia fada (Broad bean).
  • Proteins:  Peas, double bean, winged bean (Psochocarpus tetragonolobus), Garlic, Brussels sprouts, cowpea, lema bean seeds, amaranthus  Leaves, drumstick leaves and menthe.
  • Vitamin A: Beta carotene, Carrot, spinach, turnip green, palak, mustard green, amaranth, coriander, colacasia leaves, sweet potato, pumpkin, tomato
  • Vitamin B complex: Peas, broad bean, lema bean, garlic, asparagus, colacasia and Tomato.
  • Vitamin C: Turnip green, green chillies, Brussels sprouts, mustard green,  Amaranth, coriander, drumstick leaves, cauliflower, knoll khol Spinach, cabbage, bitter gourd and reddish leaves.
  • Calcium: Curry leaves, amaranth leaves, drumstick leaves, menthi, turnip,  Mustard green, coriander and palak.
  • Iron: Drum stick leaves and fruits, amaranth, menthi, mint, coriander,  Spinach, palak and mustard green. Spinach, lettuce, cabbage.
  • Roughages :Amaranth and root vegetables.
  • Vegetable: Milk Pea pods and cabbage leaves.

Importance Of vegetables In economy

Economy plays a major role in the growth of a county. They better the economy is, more growth of the country will be visible. So in order to  grow your country’s economy you should go for vegetables.

So now it’s obvious that you might be having a doubt that  how consuming vegetables will help the economy to grow? So the answer is simple.

Why vegetables are important for economic growth?: Vegetables are consumed mostly by 90% peoples of our county daily & all the vegetables are  produced by farmers

Farmers have always been a part of the backbone of the society because they produce food & they keep us healthy.

So if we are purchasing vegetables for a good cause it will surely help farmers & ultimately the economy will grow more strongly. If the Backbone is strong then the balance will be good.

Vegetables for Immunity Growth

May be you have heard from your elder ones that in their young days, they used to eat a bunch of vegetables daily & it was also delicious. They would recommend you to eat vegetables daily & as usual you would say NO cause you like non veg afterall.

Vegetables as immunity builder: I am not saying you can’t eat non vegetarian food & I am not also against non vegetarian food. I am just saying that if a food type is giving a bunch of essential body benefits why we would skip them?

We offer see some peoples from the era of 70s or 80s are living for  more than 100 years, so how do they do that? It’s quite simple.

As per a research it’s visible that  most of the humans living for more than 100 years are  having a strong immunity system  & it’s one of their strong points. (Benefits of Vegetables) .

So the immunity system is sometimes gifted or built with a daily positive practice Like eating vegetables daily. So now you can understand the benefit of vegetables isn’t it?

Vegetable For Eye’s

Vegetables for vision improvement: There are some vegetables available which can actually help you to improve your eye sight & will help you to improve your eye visibility.

These vegetables are namely Spinach, kale and collard greens, are there are more also. Mostly leafy green vegetables are extremely beneficial for eye sight improvement & consuming these vegetables daily can help you to finish all of your eye sight problems indeed.

Vegetables For Eyes.

If you are having some eye related problems like myopia & metropia , so consuming these green leafy vegetables can improve your eye sight & will surely help you to have a better vision. (Benefit of Vegetables)

So why are you waiting? Go today & purchase as much vegetables as possible & enjoy the benefits from today only.

Vegetable For Good Blood Circulation

In some studies it’s proven that consuming green vegetables can help you in good blood circulation & it will improve your body blood pressure remarkably.

Vegetable for good blood pressure: Leafy green are also recommend in this condition. Leafy green are extremely helpful for both eye sight improvement & blood circulation improvement.

So you can understand how useful vegetables are for us. Your body blood pressure is a vital aspect for & maintaining  this pressure is the most important thing & these vegetables will help you to do so.

Vegetables For Good Digestion

If you are having a bad digestion & whatever you eat isn’t helping your body so you have a awesome natural solution that’s consuming more vegetables.

How to get a good digestion system?: Yes, vegetables are  really good for improving your body digestion system & it will also help you to become more stable in terms of digestion.

Vegetables For Health

From now on if you are investing more on  vegetables & if you are consuming vegetable daily, then no need to worry anymore because vegetables will solve all of your problems quickly & you will soon own a good digestion system.

Natural Benefits Of Vegetables

As all the vegetables are  having one source that’s nature, so it will have all the benefits of  nature. Nature is our mother & our  mother will always be concerned about our health & Nature will always try to give the best of  it’s resources.

Health Benefits of Vegetables: So nature will  surely make something which is purely enriched with it’s  awesome benefits. It’s  extremely enriched with natural enzymes,

Once you will start consuming vegetables on daily basis , you will start to feel more strong & healthy & your skin health will also become more good.

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