Best Smart Gadgets and Appliances of 2020.

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Note from the creator : This is the second part of the ‘Home Full of smart things’ series. I have designed this whole series to explain the Home automation technology better than anybody else along with the recommendation of the best smart gadgets and appliances available in the market or any e-commerce site in 2020. So if you have not read the previous part, I would recommend you to go check it once.

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Smart Home, Part 1

If you are interested only in the best smart gadgets and appliances of 2020, here we go.

You may have seen the awesome things they show in commercials of smart speakers like the Google Home or Amazon Alexa and some of you may decide to buy one, but wait.

What if I tell you the appliances they can control are not common household appliances that we use or mostly those which our parents bought back in 2010 and still continue to use it in 2020.

The dream of an automated home can only be fulfilled when our common household appliances are replaced by ‘Smart Appliances’.

Smart Home

A not so traditional definition of Smart Appliances : A smart appliance is an appliance which can be connected to a home automation ecology (normally through wifi) and controlled through our phones or tabs through their respective apps or a single app of a smart hub controller for all gadgets and appliances or voice controllable through a smart speaker.

With the boom of technology and specially the home automation technology, manufacturers like Samsung, Phillips, Ecobee, Honewell, Xiaomi etc. have spread their wings and have started to create all kind of smart appliances starting from lights, cameras, thermostats, kitchen appliances, vacuums, pool cleaners, and many more.   

Smart Home

Today in this blog, we are going to mention some of the best sectors of home automation and the best appliances of 2020 in those sectors.

Smart Room Temperature control

Most of us use ACs, and control it with a remote dedicated to it.  But what if there is a device that could set the temperature to our favourite and smart enough to alter it according to the environment, smart right? It is known as a smart thermostat. Sadly in 2020 there are only two best thermostats but I am sure they would continue to be the best in the next years.

Smart AC

These fancy temperature controllers have to be connected to your AC or blowers before they can control the temperature.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat: One of the most well designed thermostat available in 2020. This smart thermostat can be paired with Amazon Alex (but not Google home) for voice control or controlled easily through the Ecobee mobile app. With the paid version of the app, it also learns your every day routein and sets the temperature accordingly. It has recently launched it’s 5th generation thermostat and you can compare the 4th gen with the 5th as both posses many cool features.

This smart thermostat shows the current room temperature on its display and the way it look fitted on the wall is really a positive point about it. It can be ordered to set up the temperature to the desired in a smart way within minutes and is one of the best picks of 2020.

Nest thermostat: The reason why the Ecobee cannot be paired with Google Home is because Google have their own their own thermostat known as the ‘Nest’. Some of the key features of the Nest are:

  • Smart Control and comfort.
  • Easy to use hardware and software.
  • Smart energy conservation.

One of its talked feature is its inbuilt sensors which can sense human presence in the room.

Smart Lighting

This appliance’s application can vary from essential to flexing a smart room. The latest smart lighting technology contains upto 16 million colours to choose from, all done by an app or voice controlled. It also saves a hefty energy and has power conserving capabilities because of the smart motion and sensing features.

Smart Bulb.

Phillips Hue: One of the old and biggest players in this field, the Phillips hue comes in 2 different forms of strip lights, bulbs. It is a best buy in quality and features but comes with a weighted price tag than its competitors. Some of the features that I like in the Phillips hue are:

  • Set a wake-up alarm.
  • Get alerts and notifications.
  • Match the weather.
  • Sync with your music.
  • Create thematic lighting for movies, TV shows and gaming.
  • Trigger lights with motion sensors.
  • Recreate thunderstorms.

MI Yeelight: According to me, it is a tough competitor of the hue and the main reason for that is it comes with all the basic features of the hue and costs almost 50% less.  Some of the features why you should choose MI yeelights are:

  • Easy to setup
  • Works both with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • ‘Flow’ option gives 5 different continuously changing colours.
  • Changes with the beats of music.
  • Thematic Lights.

Wyze Smart Lights: Good, the cheapest, but also less features. If you are little low on budget and want to cover a large area with smart lights, you should opt for this option. Some mentions:

  • Works with Alexa and Google Home but not Apple Homekit.
  • No dim light features like the rest.
  • No light scheduling or themes. Just pure manual colours.

 Lifx Smart Lights: The price of one with a $59 tag at an average and choosed because of their vibrant rich colors and brightness. The LifX smart lights give a wide range of color choice and each color is professionally detailed and projected. Some of the reasons to choose LifX are:

  • No bridge or hub needed.
  • Dimmable lights.
  • Works with Alexa, Google Home, Apple Homekit and Microsoft Cortana.
  • Scheduled lights option.
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Smart Kitchen Appliances

We all love our moms, wives or girlfriends and want them to spend a lovely time in the kitchen making the best food for us. I almost forgot, sometimes we have to impress them by our kitchen skills and thats where this technology takes away much of our headache. So let’s the the best smart kitchen appliances of 2020.

Smart 12 cup Coffee Maker: What could start a day better than a great cup of coffee! And thanks to science and technology, you don’t have to brew one every morning anymore. The Smart 12 Cup Coffee Maker, is the best one in my research and with this you can brew instant coffee from anywhere in the house from its app in your phone.  

Simplehuman Automatic Hand soap Dispenser: Was not an essential till the 2020 corona virus pandemic but after that, I must say we all should have not one, but a pair of these in our houses. It allows hands free dispense of soap, sanitizer or dish soap.  

Smart WiFi Air Fryer: If you are health conscious, you should not have your food oil fried, but air fried. For that purpose, the Phillips Smart Air Fryer XXL works perfect and is way better than the average in this category in 2020.

Generic Scanner: A smart thing indeed, for the people who forget to add their kitchen ingredients in their list. Let’s say the bottle of ketchup expires and you forget to add it in your shopping list, and its not a hard thing to imagine as we all have experienced it at least once.

With the generic scanner, you scan the barcode of the empty bottle or packet of whatever expires and this device makes a list of the product that you have to get the next time you visit the departmental store.

The June Oven: 2020’s best smart oven, can roast, bake, broil, toast, air fry, dehydrate, slow cook, re-heat and keep food warm. You can even select from a list of ‘what you want to cook’ and then the only thing you have to do is press start and forget. The smart oven will call you by your favourite customized sound when your food is ready.  And yes, it can be controlled by an app and if you select any recepie from the app, it will set the oven accordingly all by its own.

Samsung Smart Refrigerator: No not just phones, but Samsung has also built the best smart fridge we think 2020 would ever see. A bit expensive of course but the look, it’s features and smartness explains every penny.

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This smart refrigerator is connected to the cloud technology, that enables it to tell you if you need more eggs or milk, and I am serious.

You can see what is inside it through your phone and direct your kids on the phone so that they don’t mess it up.

It comes with a screen that can show you the calendar , fridge notes, watch TV or play music.

Smart Vacuums

If you have to vacuum your house once in 3 days, I think you know it’s pain. But if you are changing your lifestyle to smart, its not a problem anymore. Smart Vacuums start cleaning your space as soon as you order it to through its app or a smart speaker. You can also schedule trigger them at a particular time of the day.

Smart Vacuum Cleaner

11s Max: Where iphone 11s Max is expensive, the 11s Max is the cheapest of all the best vacuum of 2020. Its sleek, attractive, powerful and can navigate throughout the house very well.

S6: Yet another Samsung phone but is actually the quickest vacuum of all. Good navigation, a bad battery life.

RoboRock E20: The overall best of all the smart vacuums. Comes with Vacuum and Mop option. Good for big houses as it has a large battery life. Just one complaint, it does not have a self- emptying bin.

Roomba i7+: If you know smart vacuums, you know the Roomba i7+ .Probably poseses the bests of all the vacuums and with a self emptying bin, smart indeed. But the only thing is it is the most expensive of all and not everyone want to opt it.    

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With that we have come to an end of the list with all the necessary and life changing smart gadgets and appliances available in 2020. With the ‘Home full of smart things’ series, I wanted to give you a knowledge about the home automation technology and hoe it works along with all the top smart gadgets you should choose from if you are going smart. But there can be a small addition to the ‘Home full of smart things’ series which is about ‘ Smart Home security System’, so my next blog would be about that.  

If you liked this blog or it helped you in any way, Please let us know and do read the 2nd part of ‘A Home Full of Smart Things’.

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