Boycott CHINA Movement


Boycott China movement is one of the finest & supreme idea to punish culprit  CHINA  for whatever it has done. China is one of the techno giants of Asia & it’s Known for it’s large technology industry.

But after COVID-19 pandemic whole world is ready to boycott CHINA  for whatever harm it has caused to the world.

BAN CHINESE PRODUCT: While investigating all the leads about CHINA  many information came out & everything was clear to everyone. 

Boycott China

CHINA  was stealing all the information of the users who were using different applications of CHINA  and they were selling those Information to different MNC & Hacker community & it’s extremely harmful for us.

Even Google Play Store has banned some of these applications  & it shows the harm that these applications can cause.

So let’s take a look at some of these applications & also their alternative application name.

  • TIKTOK : TikTok is one of the famous video creating platform which is used by millions of users in all over the world.

From all of the users it’s  making a huge revenue & making CHINA more wealthy & strong.

Ban TikTok.

BAN TIKTOK : If you are a TikTok user then remember one thing, from your videos TikTok is making a lot of money & that money is getting utilized to make weapons for CHINA.

CHINA is using those weapons to kill our Army, & I hope as a responsible citizen of INDIA  you won’t like our army members to be dead isn’t it?

TIKTOK Alternative: Mitron Application. This application was developed by an Indian developer who is a student of IIT Roorkee & after it’s arrival TikTok faced a massive impact on it’s business & tried to make a controversy just to defame  this application but unfortunately they failed.

Details Of Mitron APP
  • CAM SCANNER :  Cam scanner is a Chinese application used by millions of users all over the world & it’s mainly used for scanning a document or a page  & converting that document or page into a pdf.
CamScanner App

BAN CAM SCANNER: Few years ago Play store banned this application from their platform because it was having harmful suspicious activity within the code & it was violating some of the rules of Google Play Store.

So for this reason Google Play Store removed this application from their  platform as it wasn’t secure at all.

CAM SCANNER Alternative : Office lens. It’s a application developed by Microsoft authority & has full assurance of maintaining user’s privacy & it’s also approved by Google Play Store. You can use this application to scan your documents & without any worry you can give permission to access all of your personal data.

  • SHAREIT :  SHAREit is  the most suspicious & harmful sharing platform  which is stealing millions of user data over the time & without any disturbance they are making money.
SHAREit APP Details

As a user you won’t like to see your personal data like, credit card number, Bank account number, secret photos  to someone else right?

So if you don’t want this to happen please stop using SHAREit from now on. SHAREit shows some ads which can provoke any person very easily & it’s really bad for us.

Security issue in SHAREIT : As a user, user’s security is the main thing & if you aren’t getting proper security while using any application, so what’s the point of using it?

So boycott SHAREit for the well being of your country as well as you. Stay safe Stay Secure.

SHAREIT ALTERNATIVE : Jio switch. Jio switch is an Indian application developed by Jio Developers of India & has full security.

Without any worries you can use this application &  share any file you want. If you are getting an opportunity of promoting something which is made in INDIA  so why would you go for something else?

As a good citizen I would not do that anyway, would you do that? I guess no, you are clever enough to understand this logic.

  • UC Browser : UC Browser is one of the most famous browsing platforms available now a days. But it’s highly suspicious as it has a lot of security issues within it’s code.
UC Browser Details

Some years ago it was removed from Google Play Store for an unknown reason. But most of the experts think that it was because of the security issues of UC Browser.

UC BROWSER SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY : In INDIA  all the porn sites are banned but UC Browser allows you to watch & download all the porn you want & it’s really harmful for our Youth.

It’s violating all the rules of our Government but it’s not yet banned from our Country. So it’s better to boycott the use of this application & you should search for an alternative platform.

UC BROWSER ALTERNATIVE :  Opera Mini . It is a good platform for browsing anything & it’s really giving a tough competition to UC Browser for it’s amazing performance interms of user’s security & Secure browsing experience.

So you can go for this application & you can boycott CHINA  in a way. It’s better to stay safe &  browse safe.

UC Browser is also reported to show misguiding ads which can provoke a person very easily.

  • Xender : It’s a similar application like as  SHAREit & it also has some demerits. It’s reported that the security of users in this application is increasing rapidly & in near future it can become more suspicious.
Xender APP

XENDER SECURITY ISSUES:   Whenever you are allowing it to access anything in your device you are letting it to steal your personal information & they are selling those Information to various MNCs  for their Ad campaign & they are making tons of revenue from this.

As a user you won’t like that isn’t it ? So it’s  better you switch for an alternative application as soon as possible.

XENDER ALTERNATIVE : Go files. It is one of the finest & fastest  sharing applications  available in the market & it has the security of Google so what else you need? Go for it, uninstall  that CHINA  application & feel free & secure to use Go files.

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