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Physic Story of Celebrities.
What Celebrities do to build a good physic?
Hardcore Training Schedule.
Extreme Diet plan of celebrities.
Proper Body Rest Schedule.
Importance of a Good Trainer.
Good Supplements for a good body.
Use of Steroid.
Your probability to build a good physic.
My opinion.

Physic Story Of Celebrities

Hey, I hope you guys are doing good  and you guys are all fit. So have you seen some celebrities like  Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Cruise, Ronnie Coleman, Phil Heath ? or our Bollywood celebrities like Salman Khan, John Abraham, Vidyut Jamyal? All these celebrities are having a damn big, Buffy, Muscled Up body & they look really  inhuman isn’t it?

So how  did they do that? There must be a secret or magical stuff behind all these, am I right? No totally wrong. There is no magic or Abra Kadarba Stuff  behind their ultimate physic. It’s all hardwork of years & patience.

Secret of a celebrity physic:So there must be some questions in your mind like being a middle class boy  or a Gully Boy can you do that? If you are  going to school, college or you are a daily office going employee, can you do that?

As I said it’s possible but not that easy & it won’t happen in  1 month or 5 months. You will have to keep patience. So let’s find out  How to get a physic like celebrities?

What Celebrities Do To Build A Good Physic?

Hardcore Training

Hard-core training is the main  magic behind their Alien Physic. They work on their body day & night & they build a monster physic. Their  warm up sessions are like your whole day Workout ,so you can imagine how much of effort they put on their training.


Intense Training Schedule of Celebrities: They usually workout  two times a day & each workout is of 2-3 hours so that’s your 4 days workout time isn’t it? So of you want to build a good physic like them, you need to  give 4 times extra effort &  your dedication level should be on peak.

You will have give sacrifices & you will have to focus on your body more & more &  more.  They include variations , circuit training ,drop sets, super sets & many more and as a result they get a gift of a good looking physic. (Best Heavyweight Workout)

So you will also have to do that & that’s your first step.

Extreme Diet

A normal guy would eat 4-5 times a day on average according to a survey & it’s normal isn’t it? Like you aren’t a monster that you would eat after every 1 or 2  hours isn’t it?

Diet Plan

Monster Diet of Celebrities: But  some big big Mr. Olympia  winners says they eat   7-8 times a day which is  a meal after every 1.5 hours & that’s crazy, but they are doing the right thing, do you why? Because To become a monster you will have to eat like a monster.

It’s not like you will start eating like a monster from today only, you will have to Start from a small amount & you will have to increase that amount day by day.

You will have to eat more protein, fibres & carbohydrates with a blasting workout session daily. The more you will eat good , the more awesome you will look.

Proper Body Rest

Good Sleep for a Good Body: When superstars prepare for any bodybuilding competition or for any film, they workout extremely , they eat extremely & they sleep like KumbhKarn, & its necessary also , because if they are putting so much of load on  their body, it’s obvious that they need a proper body rest to help their body for protein synthesis.

So if you are planning to get your dream physic, you will have to sleep at least 8-9 hours a day & you will see assured results in your physic. If you will take proper rest  your body will not grow that efficiently. (Importance of good sleep)

The funda is simple, the more you will  use a machine , more quickly it will loose  it’s working efficiency, so you will have to understand your body mechanism & you will have to design a good daily workout chart for you which you are comfortable to follow.

A Good Trainer

Having a good trainer is the most important thing. You just can’t build a Celebrity Physic  by yourself.

You need a guide or else you will build a  better physic indeed but that would be a in proportional body   which means  it can happen that your one hand will look more bigger then your other hand & obviously you don’t want that right?

Good Gym Trainers

A Good Trainer for a Good Physic: So that’s why most of the celebrities hire a professional & experienced trainer who will guide them towards their goal.  

So if you want to physic like celebrities you need to invest on your body or else your results will be equal to zero. (Best Trainer of INDIA)

So please make sure to have a good trainer before setting your body goal,  he will tell you exactly what you need to do , what you need to eat & When you need to sleep & it’s called discipline.

Good Supplements

Your diet only isn’t going to help you to build a good physic. You need something extra & better to enhance your body or else your body will  grow really slowly & you don’t want that right?

So you need to include good supplements in your diet. Celebrities usually use international brands because of their good product quality & customer satisfaction & it’s obvious.  

Whey protein, multivitamin,BCAA, Omega 3, Creatine all these are some basic supplements which Celebrities mostly use during their training period. These things are easily available online. ( Best Supplement of INDIA)

You can’t take everything from your natural diet, supplements are easy to use & effective also. You won’t  face any side effects if you use them with proper prescription.

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So that’s a different things about which you may have heard or may be it’s a totally different thing for you isn’t it? So what’s this weird stuff called steroid is?


Why steroids are important? : Steroid is a performance enhancing medicine mostly built for animals like Horses, Dogs etc. So why humans are using this? So the answer is simple, even if  you spent hours in training, you take a protein rich diet, or you are taking a good sleep dailu, it’s not possible to have a Big Bulky or Super ripped physic like a celebrity without steroids.

If you are a professional you will have to use all these to enhance your strength & endurance & muscle quality or else it will take years to build a physic like you want. (Bad effect of Steroids)

Celebrities mostly use steroids for their need. But after using steroids you will have to face many problems like acne, Gyno, Testosterone level down & all, it totally depend on your genetics &  your body type. It’s upon you ,if you want you can use it or you can skip it.

Is It Possible To Get A Celebrity Physic?

So is it really possible to get a celebrity physic? The  above mentioned points are really visible to you & I think you are grown enough to understand all these.

Celebrity Body

How to build a body like celebrities? : Maintaining a good physic  like celebrity is not that easy. Purchasing good supplements, Gym gears, Steroids, Trainer fee, maintaining time, all these are not that easy.

According to a estimated survey you will have to give 70K-1L  to a  good trainer for 1 month which doesn’t include your diet, supplement, Steroid expenditure & being a middle class boy it’s totally a waste of time & money.

My Opinion

If you would ask my opinion , I would say you should not do this, because it will cost you a huge amount of money which will eventually make you financially unstable & you don’t want that right?

So according to me you can follow a good workout Schedule & a good diet which will cost you really less & you can still achieve a good body without any side effects. So stay healthy, stay natural & live long dear friend.

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