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Why Medicare Is Important?

Life is really tragic these days isn’t it? You can’t imagine when you will die. A disease can catch you anytime & you won’t be able to notice that.

Online Doctors

This is 2020 & you must have heard about COVID-19 isn’t it? It has taken several life’s till now & it’s still continuing. So in this situation taking care about your health is really important.

But you randomly can’t go to any Ara Gera Natthu Khera  doctor  for consulting about your health isn’t it? So you must know where you can find a certified doctors & best healthcare advice.

That’s why we are here to introduce you to the Apollo family, the name indeed seems so attractive isn’t it? So let’s see what magic this product has for you.

Why Only Apollo?

Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd  has always been a trusted & as safe as WHO. It was first established in the year of 1983 when Kapil Dev lifted the cricket World Cup for the first time for INDIA. Isn’t that so exciting? The founder of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited was Dr. Prathap C. Reddy.

Apollo 24/7

It was the first INDIAN  hospital to get  accreditation from International Healthcare Society of America. It was a proud moment for INDIA. So it’s really safe to have faith on Apollo family isn’t it? So Let’s see one of it’s  awesome products.

Where we are?

Apollo’s service & customer satisfaction is so  strong that you can see a Apollo Hospital in every large City of INDIA. Starting from Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata & many more in the list. It’s top notch quality service has a positive image in the Medical Industry of INDIA.

Apollo 24×7 Application

Apollo has been the pioneer in world class  health care or medicare facilities in INDIA  for decades. It has so many applications available in different app stores which have numerous number of premium features.

In this situation where there is a risk of getting infected by COVID-19 isn’t it? & I guess you don’t want to die because of COVID-19, which is a shit disease indeed.


So Apollo 24×7 application allows you to do stuffs like purchasing medicine online, assigning a world-class doctor only for your objective & many more just with a simple click.

What Facilities You Will Get In This App?

  • 24×7 Doctor service: You know what’s amazing about this application? It’s 24×7 customer service policy. They are really dedicated for their customers. When you will book an appointment , they will get in work within 15 minutes with an agenda to provide best customer service.

No need to stand in long queues Infront of Doctor’s chamber anymore, you can stay at your home , you can safe & consult with a doctor online. That’s a big step ahead towards Digital INDIA.

  • Honest Meds: Really frustrated because of the long queues Infront of any dispensary? No need to stand infront of any medicine store anymore, because of the light speed  delivery of Apollo.

Within 3 hours they will deliver you the medicine you want,no matter where you are & who you are. It’s only possible because of the trust & large network of Apollo in INDIA.

As digital INDIA movement is spreading rapidly, Apollo Family is also growing very fast. So what are you waiting for? Come & join Apollo.

  • Test-On-The-Go: Now you can book your test via online with this application & no need to worry about going to any medical shop for booking your slot. You can directly book your  order online.

You can use either home pick-up test order or you can directly go to any nearby Apollo Hospital Store. That’s really easy & time saving it’s it?

  •  Health Records: This application is so amazing that you can even store all the health records  which is getting generated physically or digitally across the Apollo ecosystem, & it’s available for each consumer on the app.
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