This is a blog which remove all confusions from your mind regarding which DSLR would be the best to buy.

The best DSLRs in 2020, very carefully listed.

We all know the popularity of the two apps, Facebook and Instagram. Ever wondered why they are so much liked by millions of people? One of the reasons is we can post our photo in them and people in our friend list can react on our photo which gives a dopamine (an organic hormone responsible for the feeling of pleasure) rush in our brain. Users nowadays aim for an increased number of likes from the viewers which give them more dopamine rush and hence more pleasure. This leads us to the use of several photo editing apps and  technology which can make our photo attractive towards their viewers.

The most common technology that the users use nowadays is a high end camera, which have better photo resolution and quality than the common phone camera and the best economic technology that is available is one that-‘has a mirror to reflect the light from the lens to the viewfinder(a hole behind the camera which gives a preview of the photo being taken) known as a ‘Digital Single Lens Reflex or a DSLR’.

Not only for the social media, the DSLR give us an opportunity to store our best moments in the best resolution and quality possible. It has also become a crucial part for the second biggest search engine in the world ‘Youtube’. A video shooted by a DSLR is more appealing and give the viewers a better quality video where the frames are soothing for our eyes and small details are also visible with ease. A lot of people reading this can connect to the above points and wish to own a DSLR and we at can help you suggesting some of the best DSLRs available within INR 50,000 as this much amount will be enough to achieve the above goals with a distinction.

First what to know

A good  DSLR depends upon 3 aspects

1.Resolution: The definition of resolution is quiet complex and boring but in the most simple words lower resolution means lower quality and higher resolution means higher quality of a picture or a video. In this price range, the standard resolution is 24.2 MP and measured in megapixels.

Benefits of High Resolution:

Print Size: The higher the resolution, the bigger the size of a photo that can be printed with a good quality.

Cropping of Image: The higher the resolution, the smaller the part of a photo that can be cropped without any haze or blur.

Display Size: The higher the resolution, the bigger the size can be of the display screen( Monitor, TV, or any other screen) in which the photo or video can be viewed with a good quality.  

2.Processor: This is often said to be the brain of the DSLR. It controls all the functions of the camera, how it records photos and videos and how it depicts it. The ISP(Image signal Processor) is a part of the processor which is responsible for the image processing functions.  The Most popular Processors available in the market is Expeed 4 (Nikon), BionzX (Sony), CMOS (Panasonic) and DIGIC 7 and 8 (Canon)

3.ISO Sensitivity: In a DSLR ranged around INR 50,000, the ISO may vary from 100 to 25600. The more the ISO sensitivity, the more the quality of images under dim light conditions.

With some research, and help of our very own Google, I have finally listed the Names, general specs, pros and cons of all the DSLRs that could be in your option, the best of the best which is worth giving a try.

NOTE: The prices are not mentioned as can fluctuate depending upon the Availability, Upgardation of model and Website or Seller. All the models listed below are under or around INR 50,000


  • Nikon D5600:
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 Processor: EXPEED 4.

Resolution: 24.2 MP .

  ISO: 100 to 25600.

   Type: Mirror.

   Battery Life: 820 shots.

Pros:  Excellent Image Qulity,  Shaped for Good Handgrip, Decent AF system, Touch Screen Interface.

Cons:    Only 1080p Videos, Expensive as compared to models of same specifications.

  • Nikon D5300:
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Resolution: 24.00 MP

 Processor: EXPEED 4

 ISO: 100 to 12800 (25600 with boost)

 Type: Mirrorless

 Battery Life: 600 shots

Pros: Excellent Image quality, Robust, Good Battery Life.

Cons: Mic is not so effective to cancel noises and wind sounds, HDR mode is rarely effected by a strange halo effect.

  • Nikon D3500:     
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Resolution: 24.2 MP

Processor: EXPEED4

 ISO: 100 to 25600

 Type: Mirrorless

  Battery Life: 1550 shots.

Pros: Value for money,  All round Image quality, Best for beginners, Smart Auto focus, Best battery life among Price Range.

Cons: Fixed rear screen,  No 4k video, Autofocus is slower than average speed.

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