Problems You May Face During Summer

  • As we all know that whenever summer comes, it also comes with some flaws or  comes with some unavoidable issues. Starting from dehydration,Food poisoning, Sunburn, acne +rushes and many more.
  • Dehydration will occur when your body will Start deplating excess amount of water and isn’t having enough water to hold your body balance upto the mark.If you won’t replace your lost fluids from your body your dehydration rate will gradually increase.
  • During summer season ,most of the times cooked foods  trends to move into a bad condition because of the heat that’s generated in the atmosphere. As a result the molecular structure of that food will automatically get damaged & the food will soon start to become poisonous. Other vegetables & fruits can also get effected.
  • During summer the temperature difference between our body & outer atmosphere is so large that the outer atmospheric temperature trends to dominate our body temperature & as a result  if we stay in sunshine for an hour or more, our body won’t be able to withstand that immense temperature of the atmosphere & eventually our body cells will  die & they will picturize a black or brown outer layer & the that’s call sunburn.
  • During summer  acne & rashes are one the most irritating & common problem that most of us will face. This problem is not only bad ,it also damages our body skin effectively. Due to excess sweating these problems generally occurs. This problem can be solved if you can  keep your body hydrated.

So in order to get rid of most of the summer issues mentioned above, We are suggesting you some drink’s which will help you to stay hydrated & they will also solve your many summer issues in a effective way.

  • AamPanna We all know that mango is the KING  of fruits because of it’s delicious flavours & enchanting yellow colour which attracts everyone towards it. It’s a fruit which is extremely beneficial for everyone & it can be taken anytime anywhere as it’s available everywhere in the world. It’s really cheap as compared to it’s highly neutritious factors. So  Let’s see how we can make delicious Am Panna.


  1. Take some juicy mangoes &  cut them into small  small pieces or mango pulp.
  2. Take all those pieces together & blend them in a mixture grinder until it becomes a smooth mango juice.
  3. Take that juice in a jar & keep that juice in fridge for a bit. This will make the juice more tasty.
  4. You can also buy readymade mango juice.
  5. After that add  cumin, jeera & especially mint leaves with the juice & then mix them finely.
  6. Hurrah your tasty & highly neutritious Am Panna is ready to be served.
  7. It will make you feel more energetic & hydrated

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  • Mango Mixed with Milk When mango is mixed with milk, the juice which will form is quite unbearable by any other combination till date. Milk is highly famous for its awesome benefits & if you add mango with it,then it will become a great combo. So let’s see how we can make delicious Mango Milk .


  1. Take a glass full of pure milk & Keep it in the fridge for a bit.
  2. After 10 minutes  take it back from the fridge & add some suger with it.
  3. Now take  some mango pulp & blend it well in the mixture grinder & make it a  fine  juice.
  4. Now add mango juice & milk togather & Hurrah your delicious summer drink is ready.
  5. It will help you to keep your Healthy & it will also reduce your dark complexions.
  • Bel Panna Bel fruit or scientifically knows as Angle Marmelos is one of the most famous food for Indias as it can be used as a health drink & as well as a good raw food. So let’s see how we can make Bel Panna in  our home.


  1. Take one or two Bel fruit & take out all the yellow part inside it.
  2. Gather all those yellow part together & blend it well & mix some cold water before mixing it.
  3. Take a bit sugar & salt & mix it with the bel  juice .
  4. Take mint leaves & Mix them with the bel juice & that it  add some extra flavour with the juice.
  5. Hurrah your juice is ready to be served.
  • Lemon Juice For many year’s lemon has stayed on the top of the list of  rich food in terms of Vitamin C. It’s really essential for our need of Vitamin C of our body. Let’s find out how we can make lemon juice.


  1. Take a lemon & take out all the fluid from it’s inside.
  2. Mix some water with it ,& add sugar & salt.
  3. Mix them finely & if possible take cold water.
  4. Hurrah your awesome drink is ready.
  5. It will help you intake a good amount of vitamin c & also some good minerals.

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  • Jaljeera  Jaljeera is a awesome source of body benefits. It’s one of the most common & easily accessible drink in the world. You don’t need any special & expensive ingredient to make it. So let’s find out how you can make Iced Jaljeera drink.


  1. Take 125 gram of tamarind pulp, 3 table spoon of mint leaves, ½ table spoon of ground cumin (roasted), 50 gram of jaggery, 4 table spoon of black slat.
  2. Mix this with 3-4 table spoon of lemon juice added with a bit Kashmiri Chilli powder & garam masala.
  3. After adding all these ingredients together blend them well & also add some water.
  4. Chill this juice overnight, strain it & if possible keep it in a cold place (fridge?
  5. In the morning garnish the drink & serve it.

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  • Butter Milk or Chas  Buttermilk or Chaas is  the most famous drink available in India & most of the Indians loves to drink this. It keep our body hydrated & fresh & it also  keeps our body temperature balanced. It’s also recommend for gaining weight. So let’s find out the quick recipe


  1.  Take two cups of plain curd developed from milk.
  2. Add two green chillies (Chopped form), also add a some chopped coriander leaves.
  3.  Also add one table spoon of black salt for taste.
  4. Before adding water to the mixture, add all the ingredients with curb properly.
  5. After that blend this mixture  finely & add two cups of chilled water & make sure no lumps are formed in the mixture.
  6. Keep the mixture in fridge & take it out after 30 minutes.
  7. If you want you can also add some awesome toppings like cherry, chat masala,& also some coriander powder.
  8. Hurrah!! Your Chas is ready to serve , enjoy it.
  • Coconut Water  Coconut is a life saver food. You can spend days by only drinking coconut water & eating the soft white part of the coconut which is available inside the coconut. It’s a great source of natural iron & other essential minerals which is extremely important for body. So let’s find out some of it’s benefits.


  1.  Coconut water is great source of natural iron & essential minerals.
  2. Coconut water is considered as Nature’s Gastroenterologist.
  3. It’s a natural drink with unlimited joy &  availability.
  4. It also helps us with it’s most important anti aging properties.
  5. It’s a GOD gifted fat burner food.
  6. It’s really healthy for our heart functioning.
  7. It’s a natural source of immunity booster.
  8. If you are facing some hair fall problems then start drinking coconut water from today &  you will definitely see the results.
  9. It’s a natural source of finishing the sleepy condition of your body cells. It will make you feel more active & agile.

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  • Sugarcane Juice Sugarcane is a natural food which is extremely enriched with vitamins & minerals naturally. It’s a good source of energy &  helps our body to build plasma & body fluids. It helps our body to  eliminate dehydration & dullness.


  1. It’s a natural diuretic food which helps in treating urinary tract infections, kidney stones etc.
  2. It’s a good food which gives strength to our Leaver.
  3. It builds up plasma & body fluids.
  4. It’s having a low glycemic index & that’s why it’s highly recommend for the remedy of diabetics.
  5. It’s extremely enriched with minerals which helps in the prevention of toothy decay & bad breath.

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  • Lassi  Lassi is also famous like Chaas & it’s also a good drink for summer & it’s also very famous in India. It’s commonly famous in Punjab & itst also loved by everyone all over the world. When you will drink it,  you will feel chilled & it will make your feel cool from inside.

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