Techno Giant Dubai is a city along with a emirate of United Arab Emirates. Dubai is Specially known for it’s people’s luxury lifestyle , unbelievable architecture of buildings & speechless night scenes.

Dubai Buildings

Dubai is one of the biggest techno giants of this world & Dubai has the most number of rich peoples in this world & if you will see the overall income & lifestyle of Dubai peoples you will be amazed.

 It’s source of income is entertainment industry & oil refineries. Dubai has the largest skyscraper in this world which is known as BURJ KHALIFA.

This building is 830m tall & dominated every other building in this world. Dubai has more achievements which will make you amazed so let’s see all those. (Information about Dubai).

Income Source Of Dubai

Dubai is one of the Richest cities in this world & has so many source of income which you can’t even imagine. The economy of Dubai is so large that it can buy many cities easily.

Theme Park Of Dubai

According to a research the total economy of Dubai in the year of 2018 was US$102.67 billion which is a huge number. The main source of income in Dubai is based on Entertainment Industry & Oil Refinery Industry. So let’s find out the hidden secrets.

  • Theme Park Industry of Dubai- Theme park Industry is the main source of income of Dubai because the visitor base of Dubai in Theme park every year.

UAE theme park visitor spending for different entertainment purpose is assumed to grow six-times from $105 million in 2016 to $637 million by the year 2020.

Global Village Dubai

Leisure and entertainment industry in the UAE is expected to reach 45 million visitors by 2021. Statistics done by International Expo Consults, says that  the Dubai theme parks industry is all set to  generate $5 billion annual revenue by 2022 if everything stays Ok. This amount is so big that it can cover up to 70% of the total income of Dubai.(Income Source of Dubai)

  • Oil Refinery Industry of Dubai- Oil and gas in the UAE holds the position of one of the core  supports of the UAE national economy system.

Some traditional activities like fishing,  date palm tree plantation & pearl fishing has been successfully replaced by the oil refinery industry in UAE.

Oil Industry Of Dubai

Income of Dubai: The Oil Refinery Industry of Dubai is one of the largest & strongest Industry in the world & holds up to 10% of the total economy growth in the City.

The oil Industry products of UAE(DUBAI) are helping them economy to grow more faster then ever by the exporting process of raw materials from UAE to Other Countries.

The products of the oil industry are also the main source of revenue from the export of raw materials. The Oil Industry has become a the main source of income for UAE(Dubai).

Palm Island of Dubai (8th Wonder of The World)

All Palm Islands Of Dubai

The Palm Jumeirah

This Island is a famous island in the whole world because of it’s Special structure. This island was made according to the shape of a palm tree.

Palm Jumeriah

The palm is surrounded by a crescent which is serving as the breakwater structure. This Island is unique & special. The construction of this island strated late in the year of 2001.

The largest hotel that’s ever built on this Island is Hotel Atlantis. The hotel & other water parks cover most of the area of the island ( the area assumed to be 113 acres in size).  

Information of Palm Jumeirah: This hotel was inaugurated way back in 2008. This hotel has an aquarium with a number of 65000 unique marine animals for entertainment purpose. This hotel also has over 20 Restraunts along with bars, expensive boutiques , spa and all you want.

The Palm Jebel Ali

This island has a lot of similarities with Palm Jumeirah but it’s size is 50% more bigger then Palm Jumeirah. The construction of this Island started in 2006 but because of some reason the construction stopped  in the year of 2008 & it remained undeveloped.

Palm Jebeli Ali

Information of Palm Jebel Ali: The reason behind the hold of construction of this island was unknown. But some of the expertise says that the financial crises of 2008 effected the real estate market of Dubai as well, so the funding from big big share holders & business mans collapsed & the construction stopped.

After a concentrated survey it was declared by the CEO of Nakheel  that this Island is a long term project & it will be resumed in future after statistical analysis & their results.

The Palm Deira Island

The Palm Deira is another man made famous island left alone because of some reasons.

Palm Deira Island

It didn’t started because when it was at it’s early stage of construction , the authority stooped the process Suddenly.

Information of Palm Deira: It was assumed to have the largest area among all of the other palm Islands of Dubai. Anyway the south eastern portion of this island is being built by the authority to serve the world’s largest night souk.

This is a market or bazar where a person can buy or sell essential commodities like, food, hand craft, spices, clothes, textile, jewellery, etc  in cheap price.


Reason Behind The Failure Of These Man Made Islands.

Failure Of Palm Industries Of Dubai.

Most of the reasons for the hold of construction  of these big man made islands are unknown, but some case studies shows that  it’s not like people of UAE doesn’t have funding so that they can proceed on this project.

It’s like the geological & structural conditions didn’t match the expectations & it was risky to build an island on only a base full of sand, no concrete no nothing.

 So for these reasons may be the construction has stopped. But some other reasons are also there which are unfolded till now.

We hope to see all these islands running good & well in future & we also hope that the economy of UAE will increase more in  future.(Palm Island Information)

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