What is YOGA?

 This generation is not so much familiar with the term ‘Yoga’ as like exercise, gym, workout and so on. Do you think Yoga is only just a group of physical and mental practices or disciplines? Then this article will change your that specific thinking.

History of  YOGA

An Art originated in ancient India that can change your spiritual level high. The word ‘Yoga’ came from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj’, meaning is ‘to join’ or ‘to yoke’ or ‘to unite’, which focuses on bringing peace between mind and body.

The science of yoga has its origin thousands of years ago, it seems long before the first religions or belief systems were born.  

Importance of YOGA


Evidences from History of the existence of Yoga were seen in the pre-Vedic period (2700 B.C.) Tentatively, the period between 500 BC – 800 A.D. is considered as the most fertile and prominent period in the history and development of Yoga. It’s main origin is INDIA & it came into normal use from INDIANS

Benefits of YOGA

Importance Of Yoga In Daily Life.
  • If you want to have a  great flexibility & want to get relief from muscle pain & often fatigue, the best option you can try is YOGA.
  • If you will do YOGA  daily, then your overall muscle strength will increase.
  • Performing YOGA daily can help you to get a better toned muscle.
  • It will definitely work on your respiration, energy & vitality & it will make your body better.
  • If you are suffering from a disbanded metabolism, then performing YOGA Daily can help you to improve your metabolism.
  • Performing YOGA can help you to reduce the chance of getting injured quickly.
  • Are you suffering from overweight? No worries my friend, because if you perform YOGA daily your weight will be balanced.
  • YOGA  will definitely improve your athletic performance & enhance your efficiency of doing a work. (Importance of YOGA)

Importance of YOGA in Human Body

The Main Aim of YOGA in Your Daily Life:

  • YOGA will develop your physical health quickly.
  • YOGA will help you to stabilize your concentration & it will help us to develop good mental health.
  • YOGA  will help us to connect more socially with everyone.
  • YOGA   will help us to build a good spiritual health & with YOGA  we can attain Internal Peace.
  • YOGA   will help you to build a self realisation factor in your personality.

Benefits of YOGA  in Our Life:

Yoga For Good Health

YOGA  will help you to feel the Love around you & you will be able to show Love  to others & you will be able to attain a kind nature towards others. You will show respect  towards your life & you will start loving the nature.

You will be able to find a peaceful state of mind. If you want you also can maintain a good diet( vegetarian or non- vegetarian). (Importance of YOGA in Human Body)

Importance of YOGA in our daily life:

Yoga Benefits

Your lifestyle will be healthy & you will be able to eliminate every negative vibe around you & you can replace them with positive vibes.

You will feel a changed & good behaviour towards different cultures, nation & religion by time. All these changes will be positive & peaceful surely.

Impact of YOGA in our Mental Health

If you are suffering from a stress situation & you don’t have any idea which you can implement to get out of your frustration, then don’t worry we have a solution for you.

YOGA  is a medicine which you will not  have to buy, You just need to understand the  posture & I can say with guarantee that Your mental as well as physical health will be improved.

Yoga For Health

Your all tension, frustration, irritation, disturbance from life will be disappeared from your life once you will start doing YOGA.

Life will be better & beautiful with YOGA  & things will get sorted soon. You will be able to control your anger & you will be able to take wise decisions of your life. (Impact of YOGA in our life).

Importance of YOGA in our daily life

Some YOGA poses for Mental & Physical Therapy

  • Anjaneyasana: This particular yogasan is famous for it’s great benefits which includes improving blood flow & calming our mind. It’s also known as “The High Lung” .

Process of Doing Anjaneyasana

  • Stand still & lunge one of your legs forward.
  • Bent your front knee, and you knee should be on the same line with your ankle & afterwards stretch your back leg.
  • Press both of your ankles again the group & stretch.
  • Connect your palms together &  raise your arms towards the sky. Make sure your face is facing th upward direction.
  • Breath in & out throughout the whole process.
  • Repeat for as much reps as you can( 5 times recommend)
Yoga Helps Body
  • Garudasana: If you have ever heard about the mighty Eagle Pose in Kung-fu ,then let me tell you that Eagle Pose  is evolved from this yogasan. This exercise will help you to combat panic attak, anxiety attack & it will help you to gain more focus.

Process of Doing Garudasana:

  1. Breath in deeply & in one leg shift your body weight.
  2. Wrap one leg around your other leg.
  3. Bend your knees while sinking your both hips.
  4. Your ankle should be flat on the ground.
  5. Slowly breath in & out.
  6. Wrap one arm around other one.
Yoga Helps In Immunity
  • Natrajasana:  this asan is also known as “the dancer’s pose”. This asan is great for stretching & mood balancing. It will also eleminate your anxiety & depression.

Process of Doing Natarajasana:

  1. Plant/keep your both legs on the ground, bent your one knee back, use your arm to grip the ankle.
  2. Keep your balance good & lean forward while lifting your leg towards the sky. &  keep your other hand parallel to your body.
  3. Take 5 deep & even breaths.
Yoga For Health & Fitness
  • Vajrasana: This pose is also known as a meditation pose which will improve your focus & calmness & also will help you to have a better digestion system.

Process of Doing Vajrasana:

  1. Sit on your knees, stretch your ankle outward & bring your thigs with your calves.
  2. Keep both of your palms on your knees.
  3. Breath in & out properly.
Yoga For health
  • Padmasana: This yoga pose seems basic but it’s probably the hardest one. This exercise has so many benefits which includes good digestion system, improved spinal strength, improved calmness & also good mood. You can control your anxiety & depression with this exercise.

Process of Doing Padmasan

  1. Cross your both legs  & genteelly lift your one ankle above your opposite thigh.
  2. Do the same for the other leg.
  3. Keep your back straight & place your palms on your knees
  4. Breath in & out for 30 seconds. (importance of yoga for our health)
Yoga Helps To Boost immunity

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