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A small story.
Battle of two smart speakers
Amazon alexa and its features.
Google home and its features.
Things Google Home cant do, that Alexa can.
Things Alexa cant do, that Google home can.
Who wins the battle and Which one to choose.

Google Home Vs Amazon Alexa

Story Of Google Home & Amazon Alexa

Not a good thing, but being lazy has become a trend in millenials. One of the biggest reasons for that is our most loved device, our Laptops, PCs or phones, and especially when they are connected to the internet. This duo has become a nescessity today in the life of a millennial like me, as they have the ability to update us in all nescessary fields like everyday news, school or college assignments, everyday scientific advancements, contacting friends and family, weather forecasts and what not. But the reality is a bit different. For most of us, all we want to do is lay back comfortably with our phone, scrolling Instagram or Facebook or replying messages on whatsapp and we can spend all day doing this.

A small story to refresh you, for the main blog, you can scroll down to ‘Battle of smart speakers’.

Amazon Vs Google

So a smart dad of a millennial like me, found out a smart solution to this problem through a technological advancement.

He brought home a ‘Smart Speaker’ for his son and connected it to the internet and challenged his son not to use his phone for one week and use the ‘Smart Speaker’ for everything he needed. If it served all his purpose for the week, he had to uninstall his facebook and instagram accounts, leaving only whatsapp for his social connections.

Smart Speakers

Asked to read the news, it read the news.

Asked to help in his assignments or explain a new scientific advancement, it gathered the best information from the internet about the topic and read it loud.

Asked to call somebody, it did.

Asked about the weather report, it answered accurately.

Asked to play any song that has been released till date, it played within seconds.

Asked to play any movie on his smart tv, it did.

Asked to control his room lights to his desired colours, it did.

And the most insane, asked to train him for fitness, it even became his fitness trainer!

It even spoke to him when he was alone, answered all his silly questions. What on earth was it!

It was actually a ‘Virtual assistance’ device. So if you, for once, imagined yourself being this millennial, enjoying this crazy technological advancement or his dad, you are in the right website as today we will discuss some crazy features of the two most popular ‘Virtual Assistance’ devices or so called ‘Smart Speakers’ being the


The Amazon Smart speaker series
(Echo, Echo plus, Dot)


Google Smart Speaker Series
(Home, Mini, Nest)



Compared to female singers, as the biggest difference between them is their voice, Strating with the ‘Taylor Swift’ of Smart speakers, with the most soothing, sweet voice, the first mover in this technology,  the Amazon Echo series with the voice of Alexa.

  • Alexa is based on artificial intelligence to provide  virtual assistance to the user and was developed by Amazon Lab 126.
  • It was released on 2014 initially for testing purpose, only to prime members of amazon and was officialy released worldwide on June 2015.
  • It can run on 3 operating systems naming ‘Fire OS 5.0’(the operating system Amazon uses in its phones), ‘ios 11.0’ or later and ‘Android 4.4’ or later.
  • It can be used in platforms like  Fire OS (Amazon phones or devices), ios(Apple devices), Android (android devices and phones), Cortana (windows devices), Linux OS (a type of operating system, normally for PCs), And the most famous, Amazon Echo (Amazon smart speaker series).
  • Available Languages: English, Hindi, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Portugese.
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Features of Amazon Alexa

The in built features are that it can, read the news headlines from the internet. If we find any topic attractive, it can also be asked it to read its details. It can tell us the weather. Can search for the topic we want to know about in the Internet and read it loud.

Can make Hands free phone call to anyone in our contact or a number that we read out to it. But these are the boring stuff. The Alexa is adored for some cool features that it posses like

Talk with alexa in different languages: With alexa, you can learn new languages like French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian and also can have a conversation with it in different languages depending on the country you live. For example in English and Spanish for US, Hindi and English (in indian accent) for India and English (Canadian accent) and French for Canada.

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Amazon Offers and Prime Delivery services: By asking alexa, “Alexa, What are your deals?” alexa tells you the offers available on products on amazon for prime members. You can also track your orders by asking “Alexa, where is my order”.

Send a hug option: One of the most cutest options, by saying “Alexa, send a hug to (your contact name)” you can send a virtual hug to anyone on your alexa contacts.

Donation Feature: You can send a donation to any of the charity organizations  by only saying “Alexa, send a donation of $40 to the (charity name)”.

Help for your Pet: If your pet is sick or acting strange, you can ask alexa the solution for this problem by telling her the symptoms. This feature is named ‘MyPetDoc’ and forwards a call to a veterinarian if the symptoms are serious.

Receipie Ideas: You can ask alexa for the recepie of any dish and it will tell you. It can also suggest you easy meals, breakfasts or fine dine recepies in case you are confused or have a sortage of ingredients at your home.

Audiobooks from amazon audible: Alexa reads to you stories or books from available on ‘Amazon Audible’, one of the finest audiobook apps available. It is also helpful for kids who want bed time stories.

Personal Trainer: Just like a gym trainer, alexa can tell you which excercise, number of reps, steps or diet requierd for your to stay fit or your dream physic.  

Clean your apartment: With a smart robot vaccume connected to alexa, you can voice command to clean your space. Some suggested vaccume robots are Shark Ion R85 or the Roomba i7+.

Control your television: Connected to a smart remote like the ‘Logitech Harmony’ being one of the, you can give orders to turn on, off, your television, change channels, control volume and searce and play your favourite show on Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming accounts, all just by giving a voice order to Alexa.

Home security: Alexa takes care of your home when you are away. Connected to a smart security system, it alarms the police of theft, fire or any unwanted tresspasing.

Alexa… Search tuaqa On Instagram
You Can Do That Also

Some Alexa One Liner Features Are: 

  • Get Pregnancy tips and advices.
  • Get first aid tips in emergency
  •  Call the police or Ambulance
  • Connected to a phillips hue app, it turns on or off the lights or changes the colour of your room lights to your desired colour. Really looks cool.
  • Teach Alexa the things you know.
  • You can have a very fluent conversation with with Alexa on almost any topic including what’s going on in your life, your problems and Alexa answers you with almost 75% accuracy. It is a feature that shows the power of artificial intelligence and its scope in the future.

Explaining all the great features, I almost forgot, It can also play music via voice search, lol.

Google Home

Google.The name is enough. The Cardi B of smart speakers, as for its mechanical voice and the next big thing after amazon alexa. But the ‘Google Home’(as it is named) has really outsmarted the alexa, to be concise, it is smarter than the Amazon Alexa. When Alexa emphasises on the power of AI technology, the Google home emphasises on the ‘Internet Of Things’. In one line, the Google Home smart speakers have the abillity to connect and control almost every everything in your home, that would be starting from your TV, controlling Room temperature, lights, windows, curtains and many more.

  • The Google home was launched in May 2014, but the sales started in November 2014.
  • It can work with all important Platforms like Android, ios, but a bit problematic with Fire OS and linux as a lot of functions do not work.
  • It can speak languages like English, Italian, French, Japanese and German.

Some Of The Basic Features Of The Google Home Resembles  The Amazon Alexa Such As

Read the news headlines from the internet. If we find any topic attractive, it can also be asked it to read its details.

It can tell us the weather

Can search for the topic we want to know about in the Internet and read it loud.

Can make Hands free phone call to anyone in our contact or a number that we read out to it.

But it has to offer a lot more attractive features than this. Here they are :

Control your Smart home devices  The best ‘Smart Ecology’ system created till date.

Control your TV turn it on or off, Voice Command channels, volume, broadcasting.

Control your Room Temperature

Control your Smart vaccum robot

Control your smart kitchen appliances, Fridge, induction ovens, Kettles, dish washers and almost all kitchen appliances as smart devices today.

Control your Windows and Doors, locks, all voice comand.

Control your Smart Lights, switch it On or Off or change its colour to your favourite one.

It can be used to control 1500+ devices from LG, Whirlpool, GE, Nest and many more.

Broadcast something important: This feature can be used to broadcast an important message to all googl devices at your home such as a message like “Dinner is ready”, or “Time for School”.

 Remainder Feature: The Google Home assures that you get a remainder to work out or do an important task you probably forgot.

Find my phone feature: This feature makes your phone ring so that you don’t have any problem finding your phone. Works for both, Android and ios.

Find Local help: Encountered a pipe brust, or a faulty wire, or a broken backdoor, google will arrange a list of plumbers, electricians or carpenters around you to fix the problem. Just say, “Ok Google, find me a (the service you need).

Make Routeins effictive: You can set daily Routeins in the Google home, which it reminds you of when you say “Goodmorning Google”, so that you can have an effective routein everyday.

Any food recepie: Just like Alexa, google provides you with the recepie of the dish you name and simple questions like “How many table spoon of sugar is adequate for a cup of tea”.

Set your favourite music as an alarm within seconds: Just say, “Ok google, set an alarm for 7 am that plays (your favourite song)”.

Some Google home One Liner Features:

  • Hear a story of any genere or hear jokes.
  • Set a remainder for your favourite show you might forget.
  • “Ok Google, BeatBox for me”.

And yes, assisted with voice search, it plays music, lol again.

Till now I have discussed all the features that lets you compare the assistance of an Amazon Alexa and Google Home in our everyday life. But as you have visited our website, let me give you some extra points which will help you to choose between these two.

Things Google can’t do which Alexa can do:

  • Amazon Echo can guard your house, alert you if there is something suspecious.
  • Tracks your order and gives you your order Delivery Notification .
  • If you whisper something at Alexa, it will whisper back to you.
  • It plays music from Amazon music and Apple Music.
  • You can teach new things to alexa and create customize skills.
  • Alexa can also be used when driving, as for navigation or hands free calling.
  • Alexa can enable location triggers. It will automaticly turn the lights off when you are away on when you arrive home or switch on lights of a specific room when you are in there.
  • Not a useful feature, but alexa can tell when you are frustrated or angry, she might even ask you why you are angry to know if she could help.

Things Alexa cant do, tat Google can do:

  • Firstly, it plays music from Google play music and Youtube Music.
  • It can search songs based on context. For example, “Ok Google, play the song with the line, things bring back all the memories”or “Ok Google, play the new Maroon5 song”.
  • You can throw images, video, audio to a smart TV within seconds using the chromecast feature.
  • Google can take in a string of commands, that is, can take multiple commands at a time.
  • You can create shortcuts of everyday commands like “Ok Google, Goodmorning” to perform a series of morning tasks.
  • Google Home can have a more natural, contextual, back and forth conversation than Alexa, however Alexa’s voice is more natural than Google Home.

Amazon Alexa Vs Google Home

So, as now we have seen the big picture of both the smart speakers, do you know which one you should buy? Doing a bit of research for this blog, I know the answer.

While one works on AI, another works on IOT and while they compete each other in the same catagory but actually are for a complete different set of audience and a different purpose, which share a common area, which is virtual assistance.

Let me explain my above line. Amazon Alexa is uses AI, hence it can use this intelligence to allow more natural interaction with her users. But in case of Google home, the IOT helps to establish a more smooth interaction between the device and all the smart things in our home.

The amazon Alexa can be seen more like a ‘Friend’ or a ‘Family Member’ of the house whereas the Google home can be seen as a ‘Class A’ home assistant like no other.

So if you are teenager or a millenial who want a virtual assistant as a friend in your home, who would understand you, talk to you, or want to flex this new technology along with making your everyday easy, you should go for the Amazon Alexa.

Technology Of Amazon Alexa & Google Home

But if you are a ‘High Tech’ guy, a guy who wants everything at your home to be controlled perfectly, neat and-tidy, with class so that you don’t have to bother about taking the food in time out of the oven, or getting up to shut the windows and curtains, or pressuring you brain to remember something important you forgot because your smart assistant would be by your side to tell you, maybe the Google Home is your call.

And yes, don’t forget, they both play your favourite music.

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