Why We Should Corner CHINA?

China is known for it’s gradually increasing technology & human population also. Wasting no time we would like to get into the point. Why we should corner China? Well the  spread of COVID-19 has become on of the most dangerous threats in the year 2020 and it has taken innocent lifes of several peoples all over the world. So what do you think? It’s a natural virus? No it’s not, because several studies shows that the centre of the virus WUHAN tells a different story indeed. When different organisations studied this virus carefully they found that the protein structure & the other properties of the virus is totally different & it has no match with other viruses & some studies also shows that the virus is made artificially & it’s not a natural one. Some of the other countries  demands investigation with a strong belief that CHINA has created this pandemic with some bad intention. It seems like they want to spread bio chemical war & they thought no one can catch them doing so. So let’s find out the ways to corner CHINA  & let’s teach them a lesson.

 Investigation On Outbreak

The whole world is now suffering just because of the COVID-19 . Many of the countries have repeatedly said that the virus is not a natural one, CHINA has intentionally spread this virus and this points on a  pre planned bio chemical war. AUSTRALIA is the first country which has asked for proper investigation on this matter & has asked WHO to  take the investigation lead role so that everything remains fair. New Zealand also has supported Australia  because they know that if a proper & independent  investigation isn’t conducted then CHINA will be successful on it’s bad intentions. So each and every country should take a stand against CHINA &  CHINA should be punished. The source WUHAN has a laboratory named as Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV)  and it’s coming into notice that may be this virus has been engineered in this laboratory & CHINA has given orders to do so. If it’s real then CHINA will have to face the worst consequences. CHINA  has taken several innocent lifes  till now just because of their mistake which can’t be forgotten and as a responsible citizen of  your County, you should take a stand against CHINA and we guys should teach a lesson to them.

Economic Distancing

CHINA  is a clever County and it has emerged economically  with a great impact over the time. They have fooled the whole world with their tricks &  worst technology ever and they have earned a lot of profit. But in return they have always given several damages to the whole world over time. Now it’s high time to teach them a good lesson in terms of economy & everything you want. We should  detach all the economic connection between us & CHINA  soon so that they Understands that the world isn’t fool. We should not buy anything which is made in CHINA. If they can harm the whole world, then the whole  world can also do the same by following their footsteps one by one. Every country should boycott CHINESE products & we  know that when the world together will do this then CHINA  will face it’s worst economic conditions. Let’s  take a stand & let’s turn down the GDP  growth of CHINA  down together. Just remember together we Stand  strong like a canion &  separated we fall like house of cards. We can do it together.

Support Taiwan

Taiwan has tackled this pandemic situation with a great effort & they have  successfully Stooped the spread of this deadly virus in their country. The total number of registered case  in Taiwan  is 440 cases & only 7 deaths. Despite of it’s proximity to CHINA  it’s quite successful in containing the virus among it’s citizens. They have done a superb job & they have shown that the whole world should learn from them. They have made a record & they have shown that they aren’t like their neighbour County “The Culprit CHINA” & they are also helping others countries to Stop the spread as soon as possible with all the prevention techniques available & it’s really a humble work. But CHINA  hasn’t yet done anything courageous  & helpful so that an individual can think that yes we  can still have faith on CHINA.  We should really appreciate Taiwan for what it did &  also it has spread positivity among everyone rather than spreading virus like CHINA. UK, New-Zealand, Australia, Japan, France, & many more countries are supporting Taiwan & CHINA is threating them & it won’t work anymore they  know that.

Block the use of CHINESE TECH

As the world has evolved over time, the CHINESE technology has also made an impact on World  Tech Market Over times. Now we are using  CHINESE tech without knowing it’s plans after this. They are selling our personal data to many advertising companies and they are also helping different hackers to steal our personal data very easily & that’s really bad for us. We don’t want our personal information to be leaked & we don’t want others to know about our bank details & other confidential details isn’t  it? But unknowingly we are letting these CHINESE culprits to steal our all data by using their attractive but extremely harmful technology. We should Stop using these products  now only & we should understand that CHINA  is making a large amount of money  by selling our personal information & also making money by selling their third class products & making their economy strong.

Applications like TikTok , Zoom Video Conference Application, CamScanner these are either spreading hate or stealing personal information of the users. That’s why many of the large countries has taken initiative to ban these kind of harmful applications in their countries & all of the other countries should also do that. We should also avoid the use of the products of Big Tech Giants of CHINA  like HUAWEI & we should look for a better alternative. The USA president Donald Trump has ordered the Authority to pull out American companies out of CHINA. Japan has set e 2.2 Billion revenue just to pull out Japanese companies out of CHINA.  Many countries like INDIA &  Australia has made their FDI policies more tight just to prevent hostile takeover of small growing businesses by the CHINESE.

Abusing Africans

The CHINESE  are continuously  spreading hate for Muslims , Africans in their country by discrimination method among those citizens. The US sonnet  has ordered the US President Donald Trump to make a tough law against the discrimination of Muslims & Africans in CHINA. CHINA  is also facing a big problem of borrowing things from Nigeria as Nigeria has ceased a file for investigation about borrowings of CHINA from Nigeria and they have asked for 20 years of records to be investigated.

We hope we will follow all the above mentioned points & together  we can take down CHINA & we will be able to teach them a lesson.

The Spread Corona Virus starts From China, So You Should Know The History Of Corona By Clicking The Below Image.

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