As the Coronavirus pandemic or COVID-19 pandemic has struck the world with a massive impact everyone has understood why it’s important to stay healthy and stay fit. So in order to stay fit and inorder to boost body immunity we should follow some basic rules and we will surely get valuable results. Immunity is the only thing that can save us from lifetaking diseases like as COVID-19  ,so if you want to boost your Immunity you should  choose  some pure & nutritious foods. Medicine is not the only thing that will save you from disease, your immunity system should be strong to prevent any harm to your system. So why are you waiting? Scroll down & gather all the information we are providing in this article. So let’s begin.

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Fruits Enriched with Vitamin C-  Have you ever seen your mother giving you a fruit like lemons,limes or oranges right after you catch a fever or cold ? May be you have, that because Vitamin C boosts your Immunity system and it’s extremely important to intake a natural source of vitamin in our body daily to keep all the germs out of our body and it will help us to stay healthy. We all are aware about WBC(white Blood Cells) and we also know that it’s extremely important for fighting infections in our body & vitamin C helps our body to produce more WBC, so the more you will  intake vitamin c ,more immune your body will become.


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  • 75mg for women.
  • 90mg for men.
  • GARLIC–  Garlic is the most favourite ingredient and it’s almost  accessable everywhere in this world. It adds a little zing flavour in all dishes and it’s extremely  important for our good health. It was found in the ancient ages that garlic has a good ability of fighting against infections. It may also help in slowing down hardening of the arteries and there is a evidence that it helps in maintaining the blood pressure normal. Garlic is almost used by every spice lover individual in variety of dishes and it’s  actually benifitial.
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  • GINGER– Ginger is also a food ingredient which is extremely beneficial for health. Whenever we become sick or we face any kind of inflammation or sore throat, we often take Ginger as a remedial natural food. A study shows that Ginger may also help with nause. It’s widely used in many of the sweet deserts and inspite of this it also have some heat content within it,in the form of gingerol and it’s basically a relative of capsaicin. It also helps in decreasing chronic pain and ut may even help in lowering body cholesterol level.
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  • TURMERIC– In many Currys you may have seen turmeric as a key ingredient.. This bright yellow, bitter spice has also been used for years as an anti-inflammatory in Osteoarthritis    and rheumatoid arthritis. Researhes shows that high concentrations of curcumin, which gives turmeric its distinctive color, can help decrease exercise-induced muscle damage. Curcumin has promise as an immune booster (based on findings animal studies) and an antiviral. More research is needed.
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  • PAPAYA It’s another delicious food fully loaded with vitamin C, this is so good that we  can actually find double of the daily recommend intake amount of Vitamin C from this and it is also very fruitful for digestion as it has  an enzyme called papain which is good for anti-inflamation. It also has some good amount of potassium,magnesium & folate in it. It’s easily accessible and a highly beneficial fruit available and it’s taste is also good, you will get many benefits of this fruit just give it a try.
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  • YOGURTYogurt is a food which is widely used these days and it’s very famous  among all and it’s very popular for it’s digestion increment property. Yogurt is a food which has Vitamin D in it & is extremely delicious. You can add some fruit with it to make it more healthy  and beneficial. It has immense amount of benefits and it’s a food which will keep our digestive system balanced. If you are working out and taking some more calories then that of your actual calorie then you should definitely try Yogurt.
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  • BROCCOLI- Broccoli has some serious amount of demand in the market as it’s packed with vitamins and essential minerals. It also has Vitamin A, C & E and it’s enriched with fiber , protein and many more antioxidants. If you want to have all the benefits of it you should Cook it very little and you can just use steam to cook it for a little time. Regular gym going persons often take it as a food to complete their per day protein intake. It has a Interesting texture and health looking outlook.
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  • ALMONDS- When it comes to protein and fibers and good fat, the only thing  that comes in mind which is easily accessible and enriched with Vitamin E is Almond. It’s widely used by individuals around the world and it’s good for muscle repair function. 
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  • GREEN TEA– Green tea is enriched with antioxidants like flavonoids and epigallocatechin gallate(EGCG) and these two anti oxidants are  really good for fat Loss & good blood circulation. In some detailed studies EGCG has been proven as a immune function enhancement anti oxidant and it’s highly beneficial. Green Tea is also enriched with amino acid like L-theanine and it’s highly essential for germ fighting compound production in our T cells.
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  • KIWI– Just like papaya kiwi is also a natural fruit which is enriched with Vitamin K  & Vitamin C and it also has folate , potassium content. It’s  a easily accessible fruit and it’s taste is also good.
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