The Rise and Fall of the Zoom video conferencing app in 5 minute.



‘Efficient Business’, is every businessman’s dream  and there are some tricks to do so, such as advertising, sales strategy, data analyzing, marketing strategy, selection of community of consumers and many more to that list. But any decision in a business firm is taken after a thorough discussion of the leading figures and experts of the company which we in other words call a ’Business Meeting or Conference’.

Today the reality we face is not only business firms, but any organization, committee or a group of people trying to achieve something has to put up a conference with all the other persons related to the strategy, situation or objective.

This called for the Figures or experts to meet at a specific place and time which was obvious. But living in the 21st century where a smart or a lazy fellow always comes up with an alternative way, not anymore.

In April 21, 2011, an American with the name Eric Yuan came up with an app named ‘ZOOM Video Conferencing app’ which was developed as the best video conferencing app in the market.


The ZOOM App allows you to hold a good quality video conference of 100 people for 40 minutes, all for free of cost.

Now if you wish to hold a conference for longer, they provide the service by taking a paid subscription of

PRO: Rs 1143.25 +GST ($14.990) up to 100 persons for 24 hrs.

BUSINESS: RS. 1524.39 +GST ($19.99)  up to 300 persons.

ENTERPRISE: RS. 1524.39 +GST ($19.99) up to 500 persons.




HEADQUARTERS: San Jose, California, U.S.

CEO: Eric Yuan

CFO: Kelly Steckelberg

DIRECTOR: Peter Gassner

SERVICES: Video telepathy, Online chat, Business Telephone.

REVENUE (2019): $622m

NET PROFIT(2019): 21m




ZOOM claims that it has the necessary standards of Security and Privacy compliance’s namely Fed Ramp, HIPAA, PIPEDA, PHIPA and GDPR. But, twist to the story, audits have not found all of them complaint with the app.

In 2020, the New York attorney general have scrutinized the app for school use purposes but after the inquiry, the app was banned by the New York Department of education. Zoom app has been criticized as it saves cloud recordings, files, whiteboards used during conferences.

The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), a non profit organization in charge of internet liberty, has warned them saying that administrators can join or inquire any video conference calls to check if the app is working in a legal manner.

According to FBI, the Zoom app, when used for distance education, student’s personal data, IP addresses, web browsing history and biometric s are ‘Unsafe’. They are also suspected for unauthorized surveillance of students.

In March 2020, Zoom was sued by the U.S. Federal court for illegally and secretly disclosing personal data to third parties including Facebook.

In April 2020, Zoom App was found to share usernames and email Ids to LinkedIn for profile matching Services.

In April 2020, the zoom app also gained some vulnerabilities where credentials of windows users could be exposed.


THE trending news on zoom app trails back to INDIA, the 5th largest economy and one of the biggest markets in the world.

After the Corona virus Lockdown, the use of the zoom app is booming in the Indian markets for important meetings, distance Educations, and also official and confidential work of the Indian Government.

But on 6th of February, the CERT-In (Computer Emergency Response Team Of India) has been informed by the government of India that-

the Zoom app is not a safe platform for video conference especially for official purposes as it is unsafe and unreliable on its privacy policy and protecting the data of its users. In other words

The Indian Govt. was informed about the matter by Cyber Coordination Centre (CCC) of ministry of home affairs.

It was the first time the CERT-In was informed but there was even a second time on 30th of March 2020.

The Indian media took a steep step to aware its citizens of this fact and advised them not to use the ZOOM app for official or Educational purposes especially for those conferences sharing  sensitive data.

Finally on 21 April 2020, the Indian Government launches a challenge for all app developers to develop a Video Conferencing Application that can replace the ‘Zoom App’ where the winner of this challenge will be awarded a sum of INR. 1 Crore  ($131044.40;  $1=76.31).


On 24th of April 2020, we can say that the Zoom video conferencing app, which is the best Video Conferencing app in the market right now is not trusted by officials of any country for their unclear and bad Privacy and Security services.

But still, a lot of people will be using the ‘Zoom app’ for a long time from now due to its popularity and because it has become a monopoly in the market of apps  for video Conferencing.

So if they really want to compete in the big game they must change their Privacy and Security Policies to a strict and legal one.

 NOTE: I have kept it simple unlike the big boring blogs in the internet. Tried adding all the crucial and fun stuff.

Most importantly, I have tried to draw a picture in your mind about how the ‘ZOOM app’ has reached this fate.

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