The CORONA VIRUS or COVID-19 is taking lifes of severals daily and this deadly disease has turned into a cause of enormous threat for mankind.Corona virus is basically a kind of infectious disease and it’s basically caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome.This deadly disease was first came into action in mid december of 2019 in Wuhan. Wuhan is basically the capital of China’s Hubei province and from that time it has started showing it’s deadly impact worldwide, which has caused this pandemic situation.The first case of corona virus was registered in November 2019 and  at that time it was totally an unknown virus.

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Different names of COVID-19

  • Coronavirus.
  • 2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease.
  • Novel Corona virus pneumonia.


COVID-19 basically has 3 particular types of symptoms as per the records. The  basic three types are fever having about 88% of impact, dry cough having about 68% of impact and fatigue having about 38% of impact. These are the common symptoms  as per the testing on humans.


COVID-19 basically has ten(10) types of uncommon symptoms as per the records.The basic types are sore throat, coughing up sputum,pain in muscle,diarrhea,nausea or vomiting,chills, shortness of breath,nasal congestion,loss of smell, headache.Its more contagious during the first three days after the onset of symptoms.It generally takes 14 days to show up all the symptoms that’s why WHO advised all the countries to keep the suspected one for 14 days of quarentine.

SYMPTOOMS                                 PERCENTAGE OF IMPACT
1. Loss of smell.                                     15-30%
2. Chills.                                                   11%
3. Diarrhea.                                            4-30%
4. Pain in muscle.                                   15%
5. Nausea of vomiting.                           5%
6. Sore throat.                                         14%
7. Coughing up sputum.                        33%
8. Headache.                                           14%
9. Shortness of breath.                         19%
10. Nasal congestion.                              5%

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Everyday different research organisations are testing various mediums which can help the spread of COVID-19 and everyday the spreading medium list is increasing rapidly and now it’s a matter of concern for all of us and we should follow all the rules & regulations  given from WHO(WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION). The spread of COVID-19 basically starts from close contact  among humans,via sneezing , talking with each other,via small droplets produced by coughing, touching infected clothes, touching infected metals etc.This virus can survive on surface for more then 70 hours.In some recent researches scientists has proved that it can also spread from water and it can also stay active & alive on drains and unhygienic places for a long time,so we should  follow one thing that’s “ PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE” .

call, at home, stay
Stay home, Stay safe.


WHO has provided some important rules & regulations for the prevention of COVID-19 according to the research on COVID-19 positive persons.We should obey the rules and regulations in order to maintain safety and in order to stay  uneffected.Those rules and regulations are listed bewlo

  1. We should wash our hands frequently with hand sanitizers,soaps,handwahes.
  2. We should maintain physical distance from each other.
  3. While coughing or sneezing we should cover Our face  with something so that the droplets can’t reach upto someone else.
  4. We should use the face mask  often. However face mask is recommended for those who are active suspect of COVID-19 and also for those who are coming in direct contact with that person.
  5. If you are feeling really sick, you can call in the helpline number provided by your government.
  6. We should stay at home as long as we can.
  7. We should not touch our eyes, mouth and nose as these three parts of our body are easy gateway for COVID-19.
  8. We should maintain hygienic environment around us.
  9. We should wash any food before eating and  we should avoid raw intake of some foods if we can.
  10. We should do regular exercise to keep our body active and to boost our immunity system.


We want to see our  lifestyle like before.World’s economy is at stake, all the countries are trying their best to prevent this  deadly virus named as COVID-19 with the help of following all the safety measures.We are the only one who can prevent this situation.Our team follows All the safety measures and we hope you will also follow those rules and we hope we will help each other to prevent this bad situation. We wish everything will become all right and we will see our mother earth back to it’s rhythm.Economy will be back to it’s position soon and  the virus will vanish one day,all we can do is we can hope and wish.We wish scientists will find a way to stop this COVID-19.

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